*Royal Canin seminar

A seminar was held for cat breeders by Royal Canin on 5th of March 2015 in conference center in BLISS in Tallinn. Lecturer and veterinarian Olga Sjatkovskaja spoke about following topics:
Healthy cattery – owner’s favor; what tests and for which infection diseases would be good to do? Interpretation of results. How often to test? What kind of tests to require from „brides“ and „grooms“?
Genetically inborn pathology by the different breeds.
Let’s play the role of mother cat – how to raise kittens right. Especially delightful was that birman breeders and Sacred
Birman Estonian Breed Club were praised at the seminar! They mentioned that we are good role models in testing our breeding cats and, therefore, responsible breeders.

From: http://sacredbirman.ee/eng/news/